Who we are

Founded in the year 1968, Traid Villarroya is, with its more than 45 years, a global market leader in the production and distribution of  engineering plastics, non ferrous metals and laminates. As a part of a family-owned entrepreneurial group, Traid Villarroya´s activity unfolds along three lines. On the one hand we manufacture a wide range of plastic products in semi-finished formats, employing our own technology and R&D Investment, all with a clear intent to address international markets.

On the other hand we also transform non ferrous metals, mainly bronze, brass and aluminium into semi finished formats from our own stocks of raw materials and those of other suppliers of the highest quality.

The final activity of the company is the machining of finished parts according to specifications.

Whether it be through our semi finished formats (rods plates and tubes) or our machined components, our products form part of solutions for particular applications as required by our clients.

Among our many brands we find TRAIDAMID, TKG and TVH, forming between them a truly extensive variety of semi finished, finished  and custom made products.

We work with several industrial sectors such as aeronautical, eolic energy, nuclear energy, electric, thermal, paper, textile, chemical, naval construction, railway, etc.

With our own formulations and intensive trialling, the creation of new , more resistant, durable materials with better sliding capabilities is another vital objective of our daily work.

  • Engineering plastics manufacturing by extrusion, casting and pressing
  • Bronze transformation by continuous and centrifugal casting
  • Machined components
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