Extrusion and polymerization

We possess the most modern plastics extrusion facilities in Europe for the production of rods, plates and tubes. All our extruded materials are known worldwide by our TRAIDAMID® brand for polyamides and TKG® for the other range of engineering plastics.

All our materials, both extruded and cast, are heat stabilized in annealing ovens utilizing hot air, oil and water processes. After annealing, our materials are submitted for analysis by ultrasound to ensure they are fissure free both at the core and on the surface.

To give our customers better service, we have created our idea of "stock-perfect", meaning that we always have every item in our catalogue available in our warehouse. In various materials we have manufactured over 50 tons per item, making us an ideal partner for those clients that require large quantities of material of unbeatable quality, urgently.

We train and teach our collaborators to better understand our materials and their application so we can give solutions when our clients doubt the adequacy of one or another material for their needs. Starting from proprietary formulations and intensive trialling, the creation of more resistant materials, longer lasting and with greater anti friction capabilities is a vital concern at our company.

Temperature control  during TRAIDAMID® extrusion
Temperature control during TRAIDAMID® extrusion