Machined plastic components


Our machining division offers customers machined components made from our engineering plastics, compliant to design specifications or a physical sample.


Our professionalism, slim costs, fast delivery times and guaranteed quality, in addition to the trust placed on us by our customers, situate us at the vanguard of the market.

Our factory includes the following equipment:

• CNC and Manual lathes
• CNC Mills
• Machining Centres
• Laser and water jet cutting
• Automatic saws
• Routers and sheet metal brakes

We manufacture series of any quantity: large, medium, small, décolletage and homogenization prototypes and habitually supply finished parts to the electrical, textile, hydraulic, chemical, food, thermal, eolic, aeronautical and naval industries.

Our ISO 9001:2000 certification endorses the guarantee that our products and materials, for which we emit the corresponding quality certificates, will satisfy our clients' needs completely.