Continuous cast


Continuous casting is one of the oldest known metalworking methods. It is the process of shaping an object from molten material entering a cavity formed into a block known as a die, and allowing the liquid to solidify.


In almost every industry numerous parts are manufactured by casting or moulding. Automobiles are normally composed of parts from many different materials, all made by diverse casting procedures.
From this process we can form, directly from the liquid metal, semi finished sections while skipping the ingot phase, the reheating phase and the lamination deburring.

Our manufacture of bronze rods, tubes, sections and bars under our registered trademark TVH is of a maximum quality. Every rod and tube is mechanically straightened ensuring perfect rod alignment. Additionally our cast products are constantly under inspection, their composition analyzed and ascertained by our X ray and absorption spectroscopy test battery.

So high is our degree of confidence in our continuous cast bronzes that we guarantee 100% zero porosity in our material. They are simply perfect.


Preparing to cast a TVH® TV7
Preparing to cast a TVH® TV7