General Information

The production of our non ferrous metal alloys into rod plate and tube formats, is without a doubt a most necessary way of servicing our clients. Although all our materials will be utilized for the manufacture of machined components, we have adapted the most convenient methods so the task of the machinist will be as easy as possible, adapting dimensions and formats as closely as possible to the component´s finish sizes

Our non ferrous metal products are generally used for the production of small, medium and large series (millions of components). An excellent product quality ensures the shortest possible machining times when compared to other materials, adding value to our customer´s production process.

All our materials are manufactured with top quality raw materials always conforming to the latest quality standards designated by European governmental bodies.

It is within our manufacturing capabilities to offer extremely large dimensions in various materials such as diameters beyond 450mm in our continuous cast TVH® TV7 and TV12, as well as larger diameters manufactured by centrifuge in all our TVH® alloys.

In addition to our semi finished formats, we also offer our semi finishing and component machining services.

In this metals section you will find a great deal of information including technical datasheets, standard size lists, machining guidelines, etc.