PVDF (Polyvinyl Fluoride) is a highly crystalline thermoplastic. It maintains its electrical, thermal and mechanical properties under a wide range of temperatures (-40°C to 150°C). It resists the outdoors very well, especially UV radiations and gamma rays. It is dimensionally stable and resists a broad range of chemical agents, it is self extinguishing with minimal fume emission making it a good electrical insulator. Unlike PTFE and other thermoplastics, it has good resistance to mechanical deformation. It does not absorb water and is completely non toxic so it can be used in food contact applications.


It is machined as easily as a polyamide and can be welded effortlessly using the most common methods (hot air, welding strip, ultrasound, vibration, welder)

All these properties can be improved with additives such as glass and carbon fibres.

Some of its main characteristics are:
• Dimensionally stable and resistant to many chemical agents
• Self extinguishing and a good electrical insulator
• Easily welded
• Non toxic

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